Investing in Your Health

We still have a lot to learn about Covid-19 but what is already very clear is that your risk level increases tenfold if you have major health issues (co-morbidities).  Many of these co-morbidities can be eliminated and controlled by making smart lifestyle choices.

Arguably the number one thing you can do to build a strong immune system is getting a proper night’s sleep.  Proper rest and recovery nourish the body, balance your nervous system, improves cognitive functions, restores cell and tissue damage and lowers inflammation.  What’s important here is have a good pre-bed routine.  You should maintain a consistent bedtime, avoid screen time before bed, avoid food (especially sugar) for 2-3 hours before bed and maintain a dark room.

We all know that diet and exercise are extremely important to a healthy lifestyle but what does that actually mean.  Physical activity and movement regularly throughout the day is important.  It enhances your lymphatic system, leads to better sleep and helps to manage stress.  Stress is the primary cause of most of our modern-day diseases.  On the diet front, you must avoid liquid sugar (soda, juice, etc.).  It’s a killer.  You should avoid alcohol and processed foods.  Fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins should be where you get your nourishment.  Proper hydration (water) is very important.  As a rule of thumb you should drink half your body in ounces on a daily basis (i.e. if you weigh 200 lbs. you should drink 100 ounces of water daily). 

Proper sleep, diet and exercise will help you build and maintain your immune system.  This will allow you to better fight viruses.  With Covid-19 still around and flu season right around the corner, don’t be afraid, take control of your health.  Masks and distancing might provide some mitigation, but the only real way you can protect yourself is with good sleep, diet and exercise habits.  During flu season, supplementing good habits with vitamin supplements can bring added protection.  Vitamins C and D plus Omega-3 and Zinc are great tools to supplement good habits.

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