The Shift to a Phased-In Retirement

As business owners make it through the effects of the shutdowns sparked by governmental reactions to the Wuhan coronavirus, the trend toward a phased-in retirement is accelerating.

“Most people’s goals have changed” said Chip Munn, author of the book – The Retirement Remix: A Modern Solution to an Old School Problem”. “People have lived through an alternative lifestyle for six months, and what they want now is not the same as what they wanted back in January. Even if financial circumstances haven’t changed, their goals have changed”.

Many business owners have begun to accelerate their time horizon for exiting their business. However, many owners have not adequately prepared a financial plan which is a prerequisite for a successful exit plan. A financial plan creates a path toward retirement and beyond. “By creating a path toward retirement, a company can be proactive in a transition that is natural and inevitable” added Chip Munn.

Please look at the video in this hyperlink to gain a greater appreciation for the value of working with a certified exit planning advisor to prepare a financial that can help you work towards your dreams.

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