Thriving in Difficult Times

I hope I never have to hear the term “new normal” again. I bristle every time I hear it because there is nothing normal about what we have been experiencing. Yet, this experience, as challenging and demanding as it’s been, has left me feeling both grateful as well as eager.

I am grateful that my family and I have remained active and healthy and were able to enjoy more quality time together. I’m grateful that my team has remained healthy and steadfast in helping me achieve my goal of supporting my clients and their families when they’ve needed me the most.

With that said, I am eager to return to some semblance of business as usual and I’m also eager to see what happens next. I think this year has shown me that I am up to the challenge and my practice is too. We learned fast and adapted to change quickly which led to new ways to manage my practice, serve my clients and find opportunities in the midst of crisis. I became a “Thrivallist”.

Thivalists are people who seek to learn, overcome, reinvent and reimagine when faced with challenges. A key to becoming a thrivalist is to embrace the change and use the circumstances of crisis to improve yourself and your business.

Don’t just survive. Go ahead and thrive.

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