Focus on the Outcome

The conversations that matter most center on client outcomes and relationships.  Markets change, regulations change and there is always some new shiny object to chase.

Here at FPA Wealth Management, we help business owners assess their readiness as it pertains to transitioning from ownership into retirement.  Most owners are not ready!

Owners all too often fail to achieve the outcomes they desire.  To work towards your goal of improving your chances for success, you must have a strategy.  FPA Wealth Management has developed a strategy that can help.

Here’s what our strategy can do:

  1. You will be able to clearly articulate your personal, financial and business needs (the three legs of the stool).
  2. You will have a team of stakeholders and advisors that collaborate on helping you work towards your goals.
  3. You will be able to assess your business value.
  4. You will be able to identify multiple opportunities to enhance business value prior to your triggering event.
  5. You will have an action plan with a cost/benefit analysis for each value enhancement opportunity.
  6. You will have a customized set of transition instructions with multiple timing charts that will allow you to plot out your optimal transition scenario (how and when).

Using this Value Enhancement Process allow FPA to help you create a transition plan that seeks to maximize the value of your business and enable you to convert your ownership into personal financial freedom.


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