Protect Personal Information:

  1. Only carry what you need in your purse or wallet. Take these items out:
    1. Social Security Card
    2. Blank Checks
    3. Expired Cards
    4. Receipts
    5. Passwords and Pins
    6. Spare Keys
  2. Don’t provide your social security card or number to anyone unless there is a legitimate need.
  3. Be aware that most Medicare cards use the social security number as the Medicare number. Take enhanced steps to protect your card.
  4. Your passwords are your first line of defense. Use multiple passwords and smart technologies:
    1. Minimum of 8 characters with multiple character types
    2. Use phrasing – “Ilovemy2dogs!”
    3. Use multi-factor authentification when available
    4. Avoid using the same password
    5. Avoid using autofill
  5. Social Media Tips – think before you post any of the following info:
    1. Full name (particularly middle name and/or maiden name)
    2. Date of birth (often required)
    3. Home address
    4. Relationship status
    5. School locations and graduation dates
    6. Information about your children
    7. Pet names (often used as passwords)
  6. Social Media Tips:
    1. Login directly, not through links
    2. Only connect to people you know and trust
    3. Don’t put your email, physical address or phone number on any other personal information on your profile
    4. Disable location history/significant locations
    5. Don’t enable location services on all apps
    6. Limit ad tracking and delete browser history

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